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Decorative Concrete 101

by admin on November 28, 2011

decorative concreteMany people don’t know what to think of when they hear the term decorative concrete. This great new technology is taking the flooring world by storm.

Decorative concrete is any type of concrete that has a beautiful finish. Some of these finishes make the concrete just look better, but even others make the concrete look nothing like concrete. You can find finishes that imitate all kinds of stone and even beautiful granite or marble. The possibilities are almost endless with the new technological and design developments that are constantly being made.

These finishes can be applied over existing concrete very easily, and some of them are even sprayed or painted on. Some of them can be applied and finished in a very short amount of time so that you can use the surface quickly. They are also very affordable, since you are still applying a concrete finish. This is not much more in cost than concrete, which is way more affordable than other floors.

This beautiful flooring is applied to a variety of different locations, both residential and commercial. Homes use it indoors in their basements for example and outdoors on decks and patios. Business owners save a ton of money by using concrete and making it look more beautiful, no matter what kind of business they are operating.

Decorative concrete is a great thing that is affordable and makes a plain concrete floor look completely different. Sundek, now located in the Carolinas, is a top of the line company that offers this beautiful work.

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