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Getting Slip Resistant Pool Decks

by admin on June 20, 2012

Swimming pools are among the great joys of life. Many happy childhood memories are created in the hot days of summer around private or community swimming pools. These happy places, however, can also pose serious danger to those moving across the surrounding deck. Especially when moving quickly, as children tend to do when having fun playing in and around the pool, it is easy to slip. This can lead to falls onto the hard surface or into the water which can both cause traumatic injury or other catastrophic events. Of course, it is not just children that need to be protected from a slippery pool deck. Adults that are swimming, sunbathing, or just enjoying the outside can just as easily lose their footing and fall on the deck. Creating a slip resistant pool deck is essential to establish a safe, fun environment to enjoy throughout the season. Fortunately there are many ways to achieve this while also creating a visually striking, luxurious and inviting environment.

Textured Concrete

One step toward achieving a slip resistant pool deck is to elect textured concrete as your material of choice. Instead of smooth concrete that can be exceptionally slippery, or wood that can be slippery and cause splinters, textured concrete can provide vital traction as well as beautiful detail and effect. There are many textures available, including those that replicate much more expensive material options such as river rocks, slate, cobblestones, or wood. This allows you to create a dramatic and elegant deck at a much lower cost and with the consideration of slip resistant concrete.

Slip Resistant Sealant

Another step toward protecting those enjoying your pool and deck from slipping is by requesting a slip resistant sealant be applied to the concrete. This layer will protect the concrete but also contains a specially-produced additive that will increase the traction of the surface of the concrete while still feeling smooth under bare feet. The sheen of these sealants further enhances the beauty of the concrete and other details of the pool deck, as well.

Maintaining Your Pool Deck

To make sure that your pool deck remains beautiful, slip resistant, and welcoming into the future you must be sure that you maintain it properly. The sealant will go far in helping you do this, as well. In addition to providing the traction to keep feet from sliding even on wet concrete, the sealant will protect the concrete from damage due to elements such as extreme temperature fluctuations, freezing, salt, UV rays, pool chemicals, and abrasion. Not only does this ensure that the concrete will remain functional and slip resistant for many years, it makes it easier to maintain the area as well. A properly sealed pool deck will need only to be swept well if dirt or debris falls into the area, and rinsed with clear water occasionally. If more intensive cleaning is required a basic household cleaner can be used. No abrasives, harsh chemicals, or rough tools are needed, and the space will remain as lovely as the day that it was installed.

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